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Best Cat Litter and Where to Best Place Your Cat Litter Box


The biggest problem most cat owners face is litter box training. Doesn’t matter whether you have bought premium litter or the best cat litter brand in the market, if your kitten and cats don’t feel like their privacy is considered, you are up for some challenging times ahead. Buskers cat team wrote this amazing piece for us so that we can inform you of where best to place you cat litter tray in your house whether you live in a big mansion or a tiny apartment.

“Location, location, location” is a term we use when searching for houses and this applies similarly to a cat litter box. If you place their litter box in high traffic, less discreet places like corridors, noisy locations like lounges where entertainment systems are always on, laundry room where machines keep buzzing are not very conducive environments for cats trying to continue doing their poo business.

Where to place your cat’s litter box

One of the easiest ways to determine the best place to place your cat’s litter tray box or cat toileting area is to check which room it likes to hang around for ages. As we said location is possibly the highest determining factor to where your cat decides to relieve herself. Therefore, in order to solve potential litter box problems, you need to do your research.

Cats are individualist animals and this sometimes contributes to their character. It is often that you will spot that cats tend to be shy and defensive and if try to approach them they just take flight. This is can show their lack of confidence and as such, we need to assume that all cats are less confident and therefore, take your time to pick a suitable place for their cat litter box.

Below are some key areas you might want to try:

  • In your bathroom next to your toilet
  • In a Guest bedroom but always leave the door open for easy access
  • Near the back garden door as there is less traffic there
  • Ensure they always have an alternative cat litter box, this is good practice

Innovation can also be utilised like the use of best microchip cat flaps that only allow certain cats into certain locations. If you realise that you cat is disadvantaged and you would prefer her to be enjoying more privileges like the use of their own room like a guest room, install this high tech microchipped cat flaps and it will only allow the chipped cat into that space and therefore enjoy some privacy away from other cats and people. If you have other cats within the house you might want to consider placing the litter box somewhere on the hallway or top of the staircase as cats will feel safe there as they can see other cats coming. Its like a military vantage point and they feel more in control and less threatened.

It’s even more reason if you have a dog in the household to find an ideal location for you cat tray as dogs tend to be scavengers and will try and eat cat poop for various reasons we will discuss another day.

Best Cat Litters in the UK Market.

A few things you might want to consider when buying the best cat litter is:

  • The texture of the litter
  • Quality of the litter
  • Brand as you want something that is 100% reliable especially those that claim to be odour neutralising
  • Prices as most people look for great value for money product i.e. not too expensive


  1. Catsan clumping cat litter

      • This is one of the best cat litter brands in the market right now. Its made from clay granules and when it gets in touch with any liquid matter it forms small compact clumps that can easily be picked up and for this reason, it has garnered a huge amount of praise and great online reviews. Due to it creating compact clumps it very efficient for odour control and bacteria growth prevention as the cat litter remains dry all the time.
  2. Worlds best cat litter

      • This forms clumps and the product is flushable thus making it stand out from the crowd. We got his proposal from the web hosting services team ( )based in London who has indoor cats within their office.
  3. Extra select premium wood based cat litter

      • The team at proposed this as their favourite since it utilises the use of recycled timber and as such they consider the company to be very environment conscious. They also claim to have some plant based ingredient that tends to attract safely any fussy kittens and senior dogs to their litter box which helps better with their toilet training. Since it scented with pine it can rapidly neutralise any stinking wees and poos secreted on by your cat. Its also well priced making it very affordable to most households.
  4. Sanicat cat litter

      • This is a non-clumping product and very hygienic as it tends to prevent the formation of any bacteria in the litter once used. The advantage of this product is the price and its excellent quality and is developed to prevent incorrect feline urination. It has active odour control and lightweight.


This article was created by our friends from UniBulkBuy who are passionate about pets and students supplies.