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There are few anomalies in the maternal behavior of cats, as evidenced of their prolific reproduction. Sometimes a mother can deny her own kittens, but[…]

Did you know in general, a sick cat does not meow and does not complain? Some changes in the behavior of your pet can come[…]

1. Put Double Sided Tape Down: If there is somewhere in your home where you would rather your cat avoid, put down some double sided[…]

When most people think of training a pet, they think about dogs. However, cats are just as easy, if not easier to train than your[…]

Just like humans, cats can suffer from seasonal allergies, and since they can’t can’t buy relieve medicine, use these tips to alleviate their discomfort.   1.[…]

Bringing home a new cat is much like introducing any new creature (or baby!) to your household. What can you possibly do to make sure[…]

Are you quite sure that you know every little detail about your cat? You can’t be a hundred percent confident because cats are mysterious species,[…]

One of the greatest problems every cat owner has is the question of whether or not to give his cat a shower. Because it has[…]

Our elders have told us how much of a lucky charm cats are. They have told us things about cats that we have believed at[…]

If you are a cat lover and you love your cat so much and you want to know if your cat also feels the same[…]