How to Adjust your Cat with New Food

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How to Adjust your Cat with New Food


When you want to change the type of cat food or any other product, you should do it gradually. Because cats could easily have diarrhea if you directly replace his food with the new one.

There are various kinds of intestinal bacteria and harmful microorganisms that helps digest food to be absorbed and utilized cat. These bacteria exist naturally in the intestines and are often called intestinal flora. Each type or brand of cat food has a nutritional composition and different main ingredients. The development of the intestinal flora is also in accordance with the ingredients contained in the food.

You may need to consult with veterinarian regarding the ingredients of the new food and after that, follow the below step to help your cat adjusts with new food :

Day 1 and 2

give 30% new food mixed evenly with 70% old food. It will help your cat to taste the new food without getting strange in the stomach. At this step, check cat’s feses. If nothing wrong with the feses, go ahead to..

Day 3 and 4

A new food 50% 50% old food so your cat will taste more new food and the digest system will also learn to absorb new nutrients.

Day 5 and 6

After cat’s digestion is adjusted with the new food, you may need to give 70% of new foods, 30% old food. Do not forget to always check cat’s feses.

Day 7

100% new food. Voila! Your cat seems like the new food.

Cats are accustomed to a varied diet usually do not have problems with food changes.. In some cats with sensitive digestive tract, changing food will be done in a long time.