Relieve your Cat’s Allergies with 5 Simple Steps

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Relieve your Cat’s Allergies with 5 Simple Steps


Just like humans, cats can suffer from seasonal allergies, and since they can’t can’t buy relieve medicine, use these tips to alleviate their discomfort.


1. Keep them Indoors: Obviously not everyone can do this, but if you can, simply keeping your cat indoors during allergy season can do wonders for their allergies. Many cats are allergic to fungus, pollen, and mold outside, so keeping them indoors protects them from this, and of course from predators. At least try keeping them indoors during high-pollen seasons, and see the differences it makes for them.

Keep them Indoors


2. Wash their Beds and Blankets: Wash your cat’s favorite sleeping spots to ensure that certain allergens don’t contaminate the surface of the beds or blankets. Your cat will also love the cleanliness as they are very hygienic creatures.

Wash their Beds and Blankets:


3. Supplements to their Diet: There are many available dietary supplements that can help your cat maintain a healthy coat, skin, and lifestyle. For example, Omega-3 fatty acids are given to cats because of their anti-inflammatory properties. Check with your vet before giving supplements to your cat, which may include B vitamins to help dry coats and skin.

Cat Allergies 3


4. Antihistamines: These are taken by people as well during allergy seasons and it is also possible to give your cat antihistamines too. Consult your vet before giving them, especially since many are available only by prescription.



5. Dehumidifiers: These improve air quality, and much like benefitting humans during allergy season, they can help your cat significantly as well. Air will be less humid, cleaner, and more comfortable for you cat to breathe.

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