Signs that should alert you when your cat acts funny

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Signs that should alert you when your cat acts funny


Did you know in general, a sick cat does not meow and does not complain? Some changes in the behavior of your pet can come from a health problem and should alert you. Our understanding of cats and the way we communicate with them is very important to their wellbeing. A cat owner must learn about his own pet, discover its origins, behavior and understand what the cat is trying to communicate daily. As you can guess, a cat has its own language. It’s important to interpret its meows, postures and expressions. It is also important to have information on the cat’s or kitten’s relationship with others (animals or human) and know what to do in case a cat has behavioral problems.

A sick cat will not alert you by its meowing or complaints. Indeed, when cats are ill or injured, they rather hide. This reflex is common to most wild animals and allows them to escape from predators and stay alive. Even if he does not live in a wild environment but in an apartment, your cat will tend to be discreet if he feels sick. Other signs may let you assume a health problem and encourage you to consult a veterinarian immediately.

Be aware of unusual behavior
Most often, cats living in apartment have their little habits and rituals. If your pet changes behavior, it should alert you. Here are few signs to keep track of when your cat seems to not be on its daily mood:
– Sulking his bowl,
– Stops drinking or drink more instead,
– Neglecting to clean up,
– Does not go to his litter box or otherwise urinate a lot,
– Refuses your company,
– Plays a lot less than before.

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These may be signs that your cat is depressed or has a health problem. Do not hesitate to consult a veterinarian to check its condition. Mostly, early diagnosed have better treatable rates. This will give to your cat best chances to recover. Do not wait until it’s too late to take a move. Another good thing to consider before seeing the doctor, is to check the hygiene of your cat, that’s critical to its health. You have to maintain it clean and it requires attention. You can find answers on how to take care for your cat and tips for grooming, maintaining his hair, claws, eyes, teeth on our website.

Watch out for disturbing symptoms

Other more obvious symptoms may appear in a patient chat:
– Sneezing and breathing difficulties, with eyes and runny noses may be signs of coryza,
– Vomiting, diarrhea or constipation,
– Weight loss,
– A general weakening,
– Scratching.
Again, you must quickly consult a veterinarian to confirm the diagnosis and treat the disease.

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Did you know?
In cats, purring is a reflex that is usually triggered when they are happy, for example if you give them a good meal or if you give them hugs. However, sometimes a sick or injured cat purrs for “consolation”. Such a delicacy and special nature deserves great attention. A cat will give you countless of love and moment of remember in long years. Let’s take great care of our companions.
It is useless to try to forge a friendship between cats and birds, reptiles, fish, rabbits or rodents, often many people have those pets at home. Remember a cat, even if you find it lovable as a heart, is a predator with very pronounced instincts. It naturally considers any other smaller animals as its natural prey. It is better not to put the cat in too tempting situations and keep it away from other small animals. If you do not protect the others small animals from the cat, it is certain when you are no longer around to control the situation, the cat will try to catch them. Then make sure that they are well protected and calm the heat of the cat with a water sprayer if his interest seems too strong for his prey.