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The biggest problem most cat owners face is litter box training. Doesn’t matter whether you have bought premium litter or the best cat litter brand[…]

Many people don’t think cats can be trained beyond the litter box. When you think about training a cat, scenes from Meet the Parents may[…]

Keeping cats out of your food can be a hassle, especially since it looks as delicious to them as it does to you. Though, the[…]

Often times, cats will claw whatever is available to them to shed dead layers of their claws, mark their territory, stretch and flex, or just[…]

When you want to change the type of cat food or any other product, you should do it gradually. Because cats could easily have diarrhea[…]

Cat games can make both you and your pet’s life more interesting. Here are some of the favorite games that I like to play with my[…]

Your cat’s best friend may not be another cat. Cats are very territorial creatures and often vehemently defend their turf. And even cats who have[…]

Cats are difficult to be trained.It is a know fact that now every cat likes to be trained.But that doesn’t mean that it is impossible[…]

Kidney Disease can be an onset or chronic illness, and either way, its best to understand the symptoms and know when to consult a vet.  […]

There are few anomalies in the maternal behavior of cats, as evidenced of their prolific reproduction. Sometimes a mother can deny her own kittens, but[…]